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What is spandex fabric? What are the characteristics of spandex fabric?

Date:2023-07-07  Visits:10

Spandex is an elastic fiber, so any fabric containing spandex will have good elasticity, but spandex is generally not woven alone, but with cotton or other chemical fiber fabrics blended with chemical fiber fabrics, this can make them have better flexibility, spandex clothing in recent years because wear after the special comfort and no sense of restraint, so spandex clothing by consumers like.

Characteristics of spandex fabric:
The main characteristic of spandex is that it has excellent elasticity, in the production of work wear in the composition of spandex in 5% to 20% is enough. Secondly, Spandex also has good extensibility and good shape retention. The fabric can quickly recover after folding or rubbing, so fabric wrinkling is seldom seen, spandex in acid and alkali resistance also has outstanding performance, not easy to aging and simple maintenance.

As for the handle of the fabric, it also depends on the composition of the blended chemical fiber fabric. The fabric of the spandex and cotton blended chemical fiber fabric is definitely superior to the chemical fiber in softness. The cotton-ammonia clothing is soft and elastic, suitable for t-shirts, casual wear and underwear and other work wear production. But spandex hygroscopicity is not good, polyester and nylon and spandex blended chemical fiber fabric fabric hygroscopicity and breathability will be worse, so when buying clothing to see the composition of the fabric.